Zettai Reido Episode 1 & 2 Review

This drama immediatelyreminded me of the show “Cold case” as they solve old cases with new equipment by finding the DNA and such to solve them.  But this show is nothing really like cold case except the cold case part. xD. It seems much more funny and interesting. There is also more crime  forensics in this drama which I  always enjoy.  The main actress, Ueto Aya is awesome. I have seen her in many dramas such as: Attention Please, Celeb No binbo Taru and many more. Shes a great actress. As soon as I found that she was this drama I knew it would be great.

Ueto Aya plays a rookie detective. Who really wants to catch a criminal and not take notes any more. She is very passionate  and understands the pain of other people much more then the other detectives even though she has no skill or experience.

I really enjoyed the first episode a lot. It had all the elements of a good story. It really kept me guessing and there was a sophistication to the story with every twist. It was really intense at certain moments and I was really surprised at who the killer actually was.  Best part is when Sakuragi Izumi reacts the victims steps, gave me goosebumps. I really enjoyed it and I could not wait to watch the second one. =)

PS: Awesome soundtrack!

Episode 1

A skeleton remain has been  found at a highway construction site. Through forensics  they have discovered that the body is of one of the criminals who embezzled 300 million yen from the Tokyo bank 10 years ago. During that time three of the employee involve in this scandal were put on a naton wide search.  The remains are of Sakota Mai one of the missing employees.

Sakuragi Izumi is a rookie detective who is in the  Special Investigations Division.She and her senior Tsukamoto Keigo go to look for more evidence and interview Miyamoto Hiroshi who’s account number was found in the personal belongings found with the victim and it has also been found that 5 million yen were transferred to Miyamoto’s bank  six month after the scandal. Miyamoto was Sakoto Mai’s boyfriend.   The 5 million yen was the amount that paid for Miyamoto’s debt and it was also the amount that Sakoto Mai embezzled.The other detectives on the same case,Tsukamoto Keigo and Takamine Ryoko also have suspects of their own.

A video has been of the other employee, Oonuki Kiyomi has appeared where Onuki is running and seems to be wounded. The team think that she has most probably been killed.  As they get more closer to the suspects and get more into the case they find out more twists and shocking information.

The question is who killed the girls?

Since I was really looking forward to the next episode I decided to watch it has quickly as possible. I did not regret it as the second episode was as good and intense as the first one.  The best thing about this drama is the fact that its really very hard to guess who the actual killer might actually be. Even though they are all solving mysteries it also seems they each have their own secrets. I really want the next episode!!!!

My reviews will not tell you who the murder is so you must watch it yourself! xP trust me its worth watching this drama

Episode 2

The team is solving the murder of a resident, Hinata Aoi who was studying at the Fujumi Medical school. Hinata Aoi was stabbed many many time and her body was found by the  suspect Nomiya Fuyuki, the victims boyfriend and the first person to find her. None of the evidence at the place of the murder has been preserved due to the fact that the suspect messed up the crime scene to stop the bleeding due to the stabbing and due to this act all the evidence of the actual murderer, such as fingerprints were lost.

The crime happened at the same as the subway sarin gas attack which ment many of the detectives were busy with the gas attack case. 15 years on new evidence on the case has been found. The murder  weapon covered with the victims blood was found and it is highly likely that the criminals blood is on the knife due to the fact that he may have cut himself. The knife was wrapped in a piece of newspaper which contained pollen of a red and yellow rose. Though they have new evidence the team must solve the case in 1 week due to the statute of limitations.

The victims boyfriend works at a flower shop which is his connection to the red and yellow pollen found in the newspaper. But the question is if he is the killer why would he try to stop the murder from happening? After he stabbed his girlfriend did he feel guilty?

Then there is the retired head nurse, Tachibana Shiho who is suspected of malpractice and it seemed that the victim might have known about this. Could the victim have been killed because of something she knew?  Was she killed by the head of the hospital to keep everything under wraps and keep the hospitals reputation? Or is it something else entirely….jealousy, love, hatred, everything plays a part in this murder. Can the team make it before the limit?

Genre~ Mystery, crime, detective, forensics

Episodes~ 11


Main Characters~

Ueto Aya as Sakuragi Izumi

Ueto Aya as Sakuragi Izumi

Yamaguchi Sayaka as Takamine Ryoko

Yamaguchi Sayaka as Takamine Ryoko

Maruyama Tomomi as Fukazawa Yuki

Maruyama Tomomi as Fukazawa Yuki

Miyasako Hiroyuki as Tsukamoto Keigo

Miyasako Hiroyuki as Tsukamoto Keigo

Kitaoji Kinya as Nagashima Hideo

Kitaoji Kinya as Nagashima Hideo


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