Zettai Reido Episode 3

Its the next episode of Zettai Reido and its as good as the episodes before. All the intensity, the clever detective work, the charisma, the good acting. Everything to build the perfect mystery episode was there. It has the same elements as the episode before. Excitement and pure anticipation. This episode was also better the episodes before, you also find out much more about the main characters private lives and how their jobs effect it. There also so many funny moments so its not all a depressing, sad storyline. This drama has a lot of humour in it which is good or else ill be feeling rubbish as the murders and how it effects the families in this episode was very sad so the random funny moments cheered me up.  This episode also really kept suprising me. Was a lot of fun to watch and I really just wanted to know who the killer was. I love this drama..*_*

Episode 3

There is a  serial killer who goes after women with long black haired women. He  ties them up and cuts up their hair ad leaves the word “GOD” carved into their arms. He was called God of death by the press. Since the body of  Taguchi Narumi – San was discovered the murders have mysteriously stopped but eight years later in Tamagawa river bed a body was discovered by a young boy with the same style that the “Death of God” used. The young boy caught a glimpsed of a man in a black hood leaving the scene.

The victim, who was a 28 year old interior designer by the name of  Uchiyama Hiroko was stalked and threatened by Yasuoka Koji a forty year old man, the same man who fitted the discrimination of the man seen by the young boy at the scene of the crime.  His fingerprints found on the threat letters sent to the victims house matched the fingerprints found at the crime scene.

The team reopen the God Of death case due to the fact that it might be related to the latest murder. The diffrence in the old cases and the new one is that the victims hair was not cut, nor was she tied to a chair and there was also the word GOD missing but the similarities is that all the victims includeing the latest one was in her late twenties, has black hair, their hands and feet were tied and they were also stabbed to death. The most impotent similarity was the way the rope was tied, in all victims the tying of the hands and feet was the same. The first victim of the god of death was killed on the 23rd of April as was the latest victim. Strong evidence asks the question, is this the work of “god of death”?

The profile of the God of death according to what Takaminesan-sans profile team before had compiled was that the serial killer was of a 30 to 40 year old man, strong and intelligent with a craving for attention and power. He has experienced stress or had a past traumatic event with women with long black hair. After each crime he would bring back the cut up hair as a proof of his victory.  As a person does not change so quick it could be that the killer of Uchiyama Hiroko may not be the God of death.

While the team are trying to solve the old case they get a lot of trouble from Special investigation who is in charge of the latest case. The solving of this case will be much more harder as they cannot any information from the latest case. Will the team be able to figure out who the God of death is? Is the latest murder linked to the old murders? What connection does Fukazawa Yuki have in all of this?

Watch to find out xD


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