245 King Feezy- Any Way

If you like underground Hip Hop music you will enjoy this. Make sure you share this article to get the artist more recognition. Here is a bit of biography for this artist. From the moment 2-4-5, also known as King Feezy, landed in the UnitedStates at the age of 7 with his parents and younger sister, he kneweverything would change in his life. Born in in Seoul, South Korea,the young 7 year old boy would use music as a way to learn the language of a new country. This music was called Hip Hop.

Growing up in Southwest part of Houston known as Alief, or betterknown as the S.W.A.T (South West Alief Texas), fighting was anunavoidable event when attending school. During his early years in grade school, 2-4-5 had to continually defend himself from kids who would mock his inability to speak English. For the first 3 years of school, Feezy had to attend ESL classes. From his trials andtribulations growing up, he grew a tough skin and the will power to conquer the language and master the flow.

The love of Hip Hop eventually evolved into the ability to freestyle, and with further encouragement from his fellow peers, he built the confidence to pursue his passion in music. While continuing to broaden his horizons and work towards his goal, 2-4-5 discovered that he was presented with a rare opportunity to represent the music he loved so much with dignity and unite cultures with his musical passion. The fact that he was the only Asian artist amongs a predominately Black and Hispanic market also caught the attention of almost everybody,everywhere he went.

With the years of experience behind him from working with the S.W.A.T Product Music Group, 2-4-5 is finally able to cultivate his skills and introduce his new project titled “Hot 2 Def Vol.2 – 11 on the Come Out” to the world. Bringing a unique combination of styles from his many different genres of music, 2-4-5 brings all the essential ingredients to create and maintain the integrity of passionate music.Lyricism has always been important factor to Feezy’s music, and his vow to never succumb to tasteless music has been a promise he intends to keep.


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