2NE1 – Don’t Stop The Music

<3 I am loving this MV and this song, I can just imagine myself in a few weeks listening to it non stop. My favourite Bom is just looking beautiful, I love this band so much. This song is just amazing.



  1. I really like the song and I agree, I’m going to listen to this non-stop probably xD I also like the music vid hehe~ 2ne1, is really popular apparently ! šŸ˜€ GO KPOP!!

  2. I am listening to this song non-stop…I listened to it over and over again for 3 hours straight šŸ˜€ Don’t blame me if the song is so good!! Blame 2NE1 lolz..KPOP FOR LIFE!! <3

  3. Hahah I know right!? Its amazing 2ne1 are just too good

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