5dolls – Your Words

I actually like this one much more then the other one.  There is only one girl on here I cant see the 5 dolls so much and it of course stars Jay Park which is always a plus. xD This story is so sad, make sure you check out part 1.

Source: last.fm


  1. My_SkY_High says:

    I really liked Coed as a group 2 bad they split up, i kinda miss the boys T.T
    But i gotta agree this one is way better than the other one^^

  2. I think the reason they did a sub group is because the scandals the boys were getting into there was the one where one of them was in a bar even though he was under-age. They trying to lower the damage in some way but I agree with you I like them together, it works for them.

  3. I really like this wap

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