All for you – Sato Fumika

This is Sato Fumika’s first single. She is an up and coming artist who grew up listening to a number of African-American artists like Cheryl Lynn and Minnie Riperton. When she was in the third grade, she attended a gospel workshop with her mother and was unexpectedly given the opportunity to sing. The choir leader there strongly encouraged her to pursue music, and in the same year, she encountered Yoshida Ryoichiro of the Yoshida Brothers and became his apprentice. Fumika’s unusual musical journey has even taken her to America, where she once sang in the presence of Stevie Wonder himself.

She has quite a strong voice and it seems her English is also quite good. Her voice kind of reminds me of Crystal Kay. At first I thought it was going to be sang in English because of the first part of the song.  This video was made by Kitazawa “momo” Hisashi, who has already worked together with the likes of Sakanaction and RIP SLYME.



  1. I love her voice, so pure ^^

  2. Yeah I would like to see what she comes out with next =)

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