B1A4 – Okay

B1A4 is a new group from WM Entertainment who were first introduced through an online comic series, or ‘webtoon’. The group’s name is related to the members’ blood type. Below is each members profile.  I suprisingly like this. I like the part where they go “Love you ohhhh”. They all quite cute and fresh.


Jung Jin Young (정진영)
Position: Vocals, Leader
Birthyear: 1992
Blood Type: A

Baro (차선우)
Real name: Cha Sun Woo
Position: Rapper
Blood Type: B
Birthyear: 1993

Gong Chan Shik (공찬식)
Position: Vocals, Maknae
Birthyear: 1994
Blood Type: A

Sandeul (산들)
Postion: Main vocalist
Birthyear: 1993
Blood Type: A

Realname: Shin Dong Woo (신동우)
Position: Vocals, Rap
Birthyear: 1992
Blood Type: A

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  1. PyQa Syafiqah says:

    B1A4…..THE BEST……..FHANTING……….


  2. lol his cute i guess xP

  3. B1A4*****THE*****BEST*****BAND*****AND*****CUTE*****

  4. cumilz…very cute…so cute oh my god..

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