Beast – SOOM

Finally!!! I was so excited for this and now its here.. Abs …and all xD Since their début I have started to like Beast more and more. Think they are pretty amazing. I was anticipated their comeback for ages and now its here am not disappointed. Its so different and I think that’s what I like about it. Some songs always sound the same but this song is really different from anything I have heard this year.  The look so damn cool! Especially when they  dancing, my favourite part is the chorus.



  1. yoon seung says:

    Hey beast guys im your biggest fan i wish im old enough to join your band

  2. yoon seung says:

    hey guys its me yoon seung i like your dance steps in “shock” i really really like it. im sorry if i can’t talk like the language you say everyday

  3. yoon seung says:

    hey guys i wish i can join your band thanks for everything

  4. awww xD

  5. You should add them on twitter if you have a twitter account that way you can see what your idols get up 2 and you can also talk to them :)!/BeeeestDJ

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