Chi Chi – Dont play around

According to their agency this new band is concept is going to be ”

Like the meaning of the name CHI CHI, the members will come out of their formal image to show a more friendly and refreshing side.
The debut song, which is produced directly by a famous producer, with a genre of electronic/house and dance contains original strong lyrics and have addictive beats. They will surely be a new sensation in the music industry.”

I adore electric music but I really would not count this as electric maybe certain parts of it but God the shouting at the start did my head in at first. After that its kind catchy and I really ended up liking it a lot! Its been on repeat for quite a lot.

The problem is with new bands is that they need enough marketing for fans to like them. Like Dal Shabat. They were not enough marketing for them. You need to somehow make them get in the public eye or else they will vanish, have a super long hitus and break up. Yes this song is catchy and different but also I would love to know more things about them. Live Performances always help so you see if they are actually good or its all a programme.  They also used Lee Jong Suk who of course has many fans so that helped.
Also The name.. >_< the many meanings to in other language is really not good. In many languages in means a certain area of a womens body xD

Ill update this page with more information about the 7 members if I find it.

All pictures via  Official site

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