Chocolate – What To Do

There are sooo many new girl bands this year. I honestly think its hard to keep track off. >_< There is still like 5 other bands coming out. Anyway I think this song is okay and the girls are really gorgeous I just wished they dressed them up with something else. I really don’t like the swimsuit. Best thing about the MV has to be the guy. His *open mouthed* lol Good luck to these girls with so many new girl bands they will really have to stand out but I personally like them.

Bom 봄♥ Real Name Jeon Bongi (전봉이) Birth : 1988 Height : 170cm (5’5) Weight : 47kg (103 lbs) Sui 수이♥ Real Name : Park JiYeon (박지연) Birth : 1987 Height : 163cm (5’3) Weight : 45kg (99lbs) Hena 헤나 ♥ Real Name : Lee HyunAh (이현아) Birth : 1988 Height : 163cm (5’3) Weight : 47kg (103 lbs) Meng 맹 ♥ Real Name : Jang Lee Mang (장이맹) Birth : 1991 Height : 168cm (5’5) Weight : 50kg (110 lbs) Cheryl 쉐럴 ♥ Birth : 1994 Height : 169 cm (5’5) Weight : 49 kg (107 lbs)



  1. เทพผ้าเย็น says:

    คนที่ชื่อ Cheryl หน้าคล้ายกะ คริส หอวัง เลยอ่ะ

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