Co-Ed ft. Eun Jung (T-Ara) – Bbiribbom Bberibbom

LOL the beginning just made me laugh. I got to say Co-Ed surprised me, After such a dark song they released this fun happy cute song. I just love it. Its very different and I think its such a good MV.They all so cute and adorable and I think the MV makes this song even more likeable. I think I may just be going on fan mode for them. I love what they wearing and I cant wait to see them perform live.



  1. Original, cute, and nice dance~ Remind me of a Gaga song (Telephone?) in the chorus…Other than that, it’s cute and catchy~

  2. wuuuu me gusta esta linda *u*

  3. I wish I knew spanish so I could reply to you in spanish =( Jeje es una canción bonita xD traductor de google hahah ^^

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