Co-Ed – Too Late

Was wondering what this band would be like. Now that the song has come out I think the song is pretty good and catchy but reminded me of G-Dragons Heart breaker >_< and Tara I go crazy because of you. There is a lot of auto tune as well. I like the fact that in a big group all of them sang and sound pretty decent. I also like the group format and how they co ordinate together. Hopefully they will do well on the stage.

Smile Su-mi (미소수미, Miso Su-mi), leader

Shining Hyo-young (한빛효영, Han Bit Hyo-young)

Big Star Hye-won (한별혜원, Han Byul Hye-won)

Universal Yoo-sung (천지유성, Chunji Yoo-sung), a voice that can join the heavens and the earth (the universe).

(The) Wise Tae-woon (지혜태운, Jihye Tae-woon)

Hot Blood Kang-ho (열혈강호, Yeol-hyeol Kang-ho)

Success Sung-min (알찬성민, Alchan Sung-min), wants to become a successful person

Bad Boy Kwang-haeng (악동광행, Ak-dong Kwang-haeng), the mischief-maker

Rising Heat Nu-ri (가온누리, Ga-on Nu-ri)

Starlight Chan-mi (별빛찬미, Byul-bit Chan-mi)

Update: Stage début was pretty good. Unfortunately am not going wow but I think they really good especially how professional they look on stage and the way they dance. I want a different song lol.


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