Crossroad – Ayumi Hamasaki

An utterly beautiful song with a creative PV. Ayumi is using her amazing voice to sing such heartfelt song which I think is based on her personal experience. Beautiful make-up, clothes and concept.


Sometimes I think
How much different the view from here is
From that I was dreaming
Don’t you think alike?

I wonder if I made the right choice
When I stood on the fork in the road at that time
I wonder what would be on the other one I saw
From the fork in the road I stood on at that time

* But I’m still going forward
“I haven’t yet lost at all”

** That guy was protecting himself
Only by pretending to be strong
Not to be hurt
I wonder if he can smile naturally now

*** The things that are changing
The things I’ve changed
The things I can’t change
Do you see I can smile naturally?

When I happened to pass by on the road
Where many fond memories were
All around
I felt the warmth and pain

What on earth have I lost
As I grew old ?
What on earth is this that’s increasing
As I’m growing old ?

Even this moment when I think like this is
You see, turning into the past, too

I had the feeling
That the profile of someone I passed by now
Looked like that of the girl
I had known before

But why was I just staring at her back
As she walked away
Without even being able to
Call to her?

* (repeat)
** (repeat)
*** (repeat)

Pictures via lyrics Jpopasia

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