Dear J – Tomomi Itano

I know it seems like there is a lot of auto tune and I usually dislike it unless it is not messy. I really don’t feel that this song is that bad. I know people will complain about the auto tune but I really think its a good song, its so catchy and you can dance to it. She really reminds me of Gohara from the Korean band Kara and a bit of Namie Amuro



  1. Jacob C. Stephens says:

    ….With the recent controversy surrounding to enhance the vocals of auditionees its fair to say that the subject of auto-tune has raised a few eyebrows..But while auto-tune use has become an overly familiar feature in music over the last few years what with the success of online virals such as the Gregory Brothers and rapper Jay-Z releasing in a stand against the heavily used technique it is not a new phenomenon by any means..Here we take a look at the rise and popularity of songs that use auto-tune and ask whether there has finally been an overkill of the technique. ..Other auto-tuned songs include artists from Black Eyed Peas Rihanna and Britney Spears to Daft Punk Kid Rock and Lady Gaga.. All I could liken it to was the tone and sound of the songs featured on Glee which are surprise surprise rumoured to be heavily reliant on the use of auto-tune..As it transpired auto-tuning had been applied to X Factor contestants voices in the post-production stage to enhance performances or in some cases even make them worse than they were.

  2. how do you download this? like, what the name of hte website where you got this pv? …

  3. I dont think you can download the video but I got the video from a German site I believe called :)

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