FIX – She’s My Girl

Their voices are amazing and there is no autotune so you can tell they can actually sing.

Information below video:

The group FIX (Nuri, Osong, Jungwook), with the titles “all-round idol” and “vocal idol”, is releasing their first single album “She’s My Girl”, following their first album last January with “Don’t Speak”.

“She’s My Girl” is a dance song featuring a pop-style melody with longing and melancholy lyrics for a girl. The song was composed by Min Myung-Ki, who previously worked with SG Wannabe and Gavy NJ, and the lyrics were written by Min-un-Jae, who worked with 4Men, and K-Will.

The activities for the single album “She’s My Girl” will take place without the leader “Sung-Woo”. Sung-Woo, the leader of FIX, is not withdrawing from the group but taking some time off for this album in order to focus on his acting career. The Groove Entertainment claims that “it will be worth noting Sung-Woo’s future as he takes his first step as an actor”.


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