Girl Story – Pinky Pinky

With the members age 10 – 12 the band is really young. I wish them luck fulfilling their dreams but the song is terrible and its just auto tune which is kind of upsetting. I have seen them perform live and its really awkward and the lip syncing was at its worse. Very cute adorable girls but so many people dislike them as they already have an anti Cafe with more then 20K members which I find very mean as they just young kids. Maybe if they début when the older it might work out before.



  1. hi,I agree about your blogpost.
    They are a bit too young.and it’s okay if they sing beautifully like tokyo girls’ style or gp basic at least.
    but their song is a bit..terrible.
    and can i see their anti fan cafe?
    just wanna check them can mail me or drop to my blog.
    nice to meet you anyway…

  2. haha yes they did sound a bit terrible. In Google if you write Girl Story anti cafe all the relevant stories regarding it will come up. =)

  3. Oh no no no no. A) They’re too young. B) Why is it that girl groups HAVE to sing about guys, no matter what age? Grrr….Young girls like this singing about guys and looking pretty and whatnot is not good for them.

  4. LOL yea they should sing about dreams and wishes and wanting to fulfil their dreams. They should have pulled a Willow Smith and made a song which to do with something like painting their nails?

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