Girl’s Day – Twinkle Twinkle

I have not exactly been obsessed with Girl’s day but that might change because this song is so catchy. The MV is also quite cute, funny and bright. They all look soo pretty and the dance is fun. Like it and hope they do really well.



  1. KARA transformed into adorable cheerleaders for this one and they look quite cute in all sorts of colors in the video..They definitely look good in mini skirts and belly shirts. I forgot about how nice they look in girly clothes since theyve only been seen recently in long sleeve silk shirts with long pants for Lupin..Every time I listen to this song I begin to like it more. The teasers helped out and the music video lightens up the song even more..The girls are looking cuter than ever as they teach us how to really play with soccer balls .

  2. Think you commented on the wrong post..

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