Girls’ Generation – The boys

I cannot believe the song has already hit 1 milion. I have to admit that I do not like the song on my first listen but am really hopping that after a few more replays it will grow on me.



  1. It’s SNSD. The views they get from fans and haters alike is enough to get them on the Youtube featured video page in hours. xD

    Song sounds like…something After School would come out with. Reminds me of one of their songs. I don’t really like this song much but then again, SNSD’s songs are mostly “ok” to me anyway.

    Sonny– What a change! Took me a while to figure out it was her when I first looked at your picture. I like it; she looks fierce~!

    Overall, one thing’s for sure: Their MVs look so expensive! It’ so pretty and that’s the thing with SNSD: Nice on the eyes, lol. Such pretty dresses, snow, jewels, etc.

  2. Yeah! they all look so different. I think they all look so amazing though <3

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