Happiness – Kiss me

These girls are a new Japanese group made of  middle school girls so they are around 14 – 15. I am not a fan of many young groups but these girls surprised me because I have actually listened to the song a few times. The song is clean, they wearing modest clothes and the dancing is not even overly sexy and the best thing is that they can sing. They are utterly beautiful and flawless and did you guys see how pretty their eyes or contacts are not these girls are pretty. Love it and hope they become really popular. Its such a nice smooth song.



  1. LovelieBee says:

    I want to know more about them but the result is nothing when i search on Google :((

    I still don’t know why they let just 2 of them sing when performs on Music Japan?! It’s good though =))

  2. Haha I just posted their profile on the new song I just posted. http://www.dramacafe.co.uk/music/happiness-happy-talk/ Also I think only two of them sing because its more of a dance group, a bit like Exile where most of them dance and only two of them sing. Hopefully we will get to see the other girls sing later on. ^^

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