Hello Paradise Kiss – YUI

This song has been chosen as a theme for the movie Paradise kiss and another song in the same single “You” is the ending theme. YUI has written 6 songs for the movie.  The songs were played in the recording set. Kitakawa, who plays the part of the heroine, Yukari, said: “The songs have the image of the time when a girl is starting to love someone, so I used them several times as reference to play Yukari.”
Mukai Osamu, who plays the person who becomes the love companion of Yukari, George Koizumi, said “I think this songs will help young people to go towards their dreams”This song is really nice and I love the video it is so pretty!”

I agree and YUI looks so nice and pretty as well! I am actually excited to watch the movie. Cannot wait.

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  1. I used to be a big YUI fan. Not sure if I still am. I know I still like a lot of her songs. I do like her unique voice but her songs are sounding repetitive to me; all very similar and nothing exciting and memorable. Also, it’s really awkward to see this side of YUI that’s “super girly and so many fashions”. However, I do like the fringe on her. She should get one!

  2. Yeah this is quite different from the usual style but she suits it xP I think she actually did a girly theme because Paradise kiss has such a girly storyline.

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