I am Legend Official Soundtrack

I utterly loved every single song is this drama. They were amazing. The final song for me was one of my favourites, I love the rain like you. In the drama while she was singing it, it gave me tingles. The lyrics to a million roses.. *_* was beautiful. ALso another one of my favourites is Lee Juyn Huyks, “You” , I also like the SNSD genie version, shame they never included it in the official soundtrack.

T R A C K ~ L i S T

01.Kim Jung Eun – To You (Dear Music)
02.Comeback Madonna Band – Comeback Madonna

03.Comeback Madonna Band – A Million Roses
04.Lee Joon Hyuk – You

05.Comeback Madonna Band – Killing Me Softly
06.Kim Jung Eun – Reminiscence
07.Comeback Madonna Band – Love Love Love
08.Comeback Madonna Band – I Feel A Good Day

09.Kim Jung Eun – You (Duet Version) (With Lee
Joon Hyuk)
10.Comeback Madonna Band – Blissful Confession
11.Comeback Madonna Band – Musical
12.Kim Jung Eun – I Love The Rain Like You
Always Do

Download: http://www.file-archive.info/2010/09/ost-va-i-am-legend-ost.html



  1. Lee-Yoo Improgo Tan III says:

    Thanks. I so love I am legend, and so I wanna have all their songs. 😀

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