if – Kana Nishino

This is the theme song to the new Naruto movie. I love this song even though I do not watch the Naruto anime. Kana’s voice is beautiful and since I’ve discovered her I have loved her voice and every single one of her songs and this is no different. Its amazing as is the MV which is really pretty.

If the rain had stopped
That day
I might surely have just walked past you
If the bus had arrived
At its usual time
I wouldn’t have met you

If that instant
Had been slightly different
We would have walked on separate paths of fate

*I always want to watch
The same future together with you
Let’s look at the same stars
At the same spot
I wonder if I am present
In the future you imagine for yourself
I want to look up to
The same sky with the same feelings

Our ways of talking and acting
Are really similar
It’s like if we have always known each other
Mailing each other at the same time
Thinking about the same things
We might have been bound together by a red thread

We fit so well together, like if
It was decided by chance right from the start
I believe we are fated to be together

I wonder if I am present
In the future you imagine for yourself
I want to look up to
The same sky with the same feelings


So we may always walk
On the same path, hand in hand
Even on days filled with tears
And on sunny days



  1. pikaqiyu says:

    She is a cute girl.. and loves princess style.. she said it in Himitsu no Arashi chian(my favorite tv show!)
    the girl’s voice is wonderful, maybe she will be the queen of Jp female solo singer, like Hamasaki Ayumi.. but really, no one could replace of HA, she means an era of J-pop? maybe.
    Ah.. u watched that? Music Station100709, kana’s dear, not good enough living for her.. maybe she is too tired these days..

  2. She is very pretty but of course Ayumi is amazing, I like her new album “Moon Blossoms” Kana’s songs dear was really beautiful and I also like Aitakute Aitakute, Her videos are pretty. ^_^ Really soft kind of music, fun fun! xD

  3. pikaqiyu says:

    u see the new oricon list? she is perfect.. and good grades!
    maybe her album could get the NO.1 in female singers if.. akb48 disappeared= =|||

  4. LOL! hopefully they will drop al the way down xD

  5. the latest oricon list
    *1 *,730,851 730,851 僕の見ている風景 / 嵐 10/08/04
    *2 *,574,540 **3,649 ファンキーモンキーベイビーズBEST / FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 10/02/10
    *3 *,571,839 ***,704 PAST<FUTURE / 安室奈美恵 09/12/16
    *4 *,563,841 *14,120 to LOVE / 西野カナ 10/06/23

    kana exceeded yui, cool girl~

    my idol got NO.1~~ XDDDD

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