Kara – Mr

Finally Kara’s Mr début for Japan. I usually find that Korean songs that  change into Japanese sound a bit awkward such as the Brown Eyed Girls song “Abracadabra”, its an awesome song but I don’t like it so much when I herd it in Japanese. But oh my god Kara sound sooo cute with their Japanese pronunciation and the video is soo cute. I love the dance its all cute and sexy especially when they going ” La la la la la …” . They all so pretty and I adore this MV and the song. *_*  New song to listen to an a repeat xD Best Kpop band in Japan for a while wooo GO KARA!  cant wait for the other Kpops to début in Japan.

Pictures via Last.fm


  1. hi,
    i just want to say u guys a really great singers i am a big fan besides SNSD and FX, 5 Dolls and other ones i want to know if there will be other new songs u will be singing and that r coming out

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