Kimi Nara Daijoubu – French Kiss

This new track stars Sydney Olympics marathon gold medalist Takahashi Naoko, professional boxer Kameda Daiki, and talent Megumi Toshiaki, Arimura Chie (female golfer), Otani Shinjiro(pro wrestler), Kashiwagi Yosuke (soccer player), Konno Yasuyuki (soccer player),Shimizu Hiroyasu (speed skater), Takahashi Miyuki (volleyball player), Maezono Masakiyo (soccer player), and Miyazaki Daisuke(handball player).

French Kiss hope that “after listening to this song, people will feel more inclined to focus on what’s ahead”

Kashiwagi expressed, “We hope that by borrowing everyone’s power, the message will be delivered”, followed by Takajo, who echoed, “We believe that the three of us and the athletes together can send courage and cheer to even more people”. In reference to the choice to invite participation from famous athletes, Kuramochi explained, “We figured that, since these individuals are well known not only in Japan but around the world, we would be able to spread the song and message to an even wider audience”.

Very heartwarming message from the band and the band will donate money made on this album to victims of the tsunami. I think the song is quite simple but its the message behind it that makes it lovely.

Source: tokyohive

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