King of Baking Kim Tak Go OST

This drama contained the most amazing soundtrack sand by well known singers. Its dramatic orchestras were also well in theme with the drama. I actually dont have a favourite from these songs. Really like them all.

You can buy the whole soundtrack from yesasia.

You can download all of these from this link :

Below is the track list with previews of some songs.
01. VOS – At The End Of The Day
02. KCM ft Soul Dive – Love You To Death

03. Lee Seung Chul – That Person

04. Bada – The Only One

05. Super Junior Kyuhyun – Hope Is A Dream That Doesn’t Sleep

06. Mitchell YuJin – For Me

King of Baking Part  7
01. Yoon Si Yoon – Only You
02. Lee Young Ah – It Is Love
03. Mun Joo Won – My Love (Vocal Samora)
04. Yoon Si Yoon – Only You (Inst.)
05 Lee Young Ah – It Is Love (Inst.)
06 Mun Joo Won – My Love (Inst.)

Ost King of Baking Part 8 – Code V – Now Go And See.mp3



  1. ElTauruss says:

    Thanx For the given information.
    actually i have downloaded the ost (and i could find the name of ost #2 with your blog help)
    but i one song is not found in ost it had been played in episode 20 6 minutes after opening, after ma jun and yu kyung kiss.
    could you tell me song and singer name. thanx

  2. Love By Eru
    Download link:
    I hope this is the right one. =) Have a lovely day!

  3. ElTauruss says:

    that’s exactly that song.
    thanx a lot!
    one of my friend want it too much too!
    Be happy.

  4. Hi! Thanks for the info. I have the OST, but there is a song that goes on during the bake off between majun and tak goo over the bong ppang that doesn’t appear. It’s rock-ish. There is also another instrumental piece that plays at the begginning of episode 25. Do you know the names? Thanks.

  5. Hey am sorry but I dont know that one but if its an instrumental kind off song maybe it will be in this site. Scroll down and download the instrumental ones. I hope you find it =)

  6. Thank for the tracking list, it helping me a lot…thanks!

  7. =) Glad I could help

  8. hello, can you help me find their instrumentals? i mean the other music that played but it’s just like a background music. i don’t know where to find any 😉

  9. ( Instrumental Tracklist Part 3 ) She has posted all the instrumental that King of Baking has. Hope that’s what you are looking for.

  10. Hi. One instrumental isn’t in the Instrumental Tracklist Part 3. :/ It’s the one always played when Tak Gu sees Yu Kyung and Ma Jun together or something like that. It’s the music bg when there’s a “jealous” scene, literally speaking. It also played at the last ep, when Ma Jun ignored his father. It’s really dramatic and it begins with piano. And I’m dying searching for it. :/ Please help!

  11. Does anybody know the name of the rock instrumental that was played in the background in Episode 9 when Ma Jun entered the party venue? ):

  12. Please!! Does someone know the name of the song at the end of the Episode 9???

  13. V.O.S. “End of the Day”

  14. As Fabis said, does anyone know the song played at the end of the ep9? By the way it is not v.o.s. “end of the day”. The song I am talking about wasn’t played in any other episodes. I am sure I heard it from other dramas but I can’t remember. Also since I don’t know Korean, it’s hard to find lyrics from what I can understand. Please help me. :(((

  15. Lee hyun – Suffocate

  16. can i know the title of the song played at 21:20 – 22:00 min in episode 24 ??? o.O

  17. anywhere where i can download the ost anymore? =(

  18. updated download link :)

  19. Hello, it says that I need a password for the mediafire download link? What is it? Thank you! I love this OST!

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