Kingdom Of the winds- Official soundtrack

The OST to the epic drama Kingdom of the Winds. You may only like this music if you like dramatic and classical music. I think its wonderful. I love the song by Wheesung, his voice is just so great! The song was so beautiful. Video may contain spoilers. The theme song gave me that Lord of the Rings kind of feeling to it. I miss this drama..


01 무휼의 노래 Muhyul (Theme song)

02 유리왕 King Yuri
03 살아서도.. 죽어서도.. – 휘성 Alive, but.. even in death… – Wheesung

04 가야만 하는길 The road I must take
05 가을의 사랑 Autumn Love
06 다애(多愛) – 브라운아이드걸스 More than love – Brown Eyed Girls
07 영웅의 길 The way of the hero
08 연 A year
09 나 살아 생전에 – 박완규 For as long as I lived – Park Wan Gyu
10 포기하지 말라 Don’t give upOST
11 대무신왕 King Daemusin
12 소원 – 견우 Wish – Kyeon Woo
13 바람의 나라 Kingdom of the wind
14 검과 꽃 Sword and Flowers
15 황조가 – 정표 The throne – Jeong Pyo
16 운명 Fate
17 사랑아 – 후 Love is – Who
18 검은비 Black Rain
19 반쪽 사랑 – 정석 Half Love – Jeong Seok
20 진격 March on/Advance to the attack
21 개선 Triumphal return

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  1. One of the best movie soundtracks , even better than most Hollywood’s epic music, but do you know who is the composer?

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