Kou Shibasaki – Euphoria

This is a lovely song. I love Kou Shibasaki’s look its really entrancing. She is so beautiful I havent really heard of her but she has a lovely voice. The PV puzzles me due to the fact that I don’t really know the translation of the song. The part where everything was falling around her reminded me of Alice in Wonderland even the part where she is going through the doors.



  1. Rosie you’re such a loser! xD You would’ve known her if you watched ‘Orange Days’. I also saw her’One Missed Call’ the Japanese version. She has a unique look <3. She so pretty~
    Heh, even when watching this video I can't get her character from 'Orange Days' out of my head xD. Nice song. =3

  2. Lmao One day I shall watch it xP

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