Lee Hyori- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Lee-HyoriThis is the new song from Lee Hyori. I think its okay the only problem i have with a lot of new songs from the Asian industry these days is that they being too influenced by Lady GaGa. But I must say that the song is pretty catchy and I love the dance. She looks very different from her usual videos, Its more of a hard tough look.  Its a look you never expected from her.

Lee Hyori kind of shocked me with this video. It was not soft yet more cool and apparently the song has been banned because it implies you not to wear a seatbelt inside the video. Idols can be copied by their fans. In other words children. Also the fact that shes dancing in the middle of the street which may make people copy Lee Hyori. Personally I think the video and the song is pretty great. The video is below with subtitles.

Picture Via Last.Fm


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