Love me Back – Kumi Koda

A sexy song from Kumi Koda as always. This is the opening song for the anime “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de“. Though I do not mind these kinds of songs from her but I really do think she should promote songs like her amazing say her name”  It is just different and pretty amazing. Sometimes it feels like she produces amazing songs and then slips back into her pretty trashy style. ><  I would rather she promote say her name :/



  1. Oh baby girl, you look so fly! Sensual body line Hey! Look at me now! Make ya smile! Barbie do as ya like! When I think about you, my love goes pop pop like popcorn! Tell me what you think about me! I wanna know!

  2. Isnt that the lyrics to her poppin love? lol

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