Lucifer – SHINee

Wooo!!!  Am unsure if I should say anything bad am scared of fan girls >_<, Okay I love SHINee but I am unsure about their hairstyle, I mean SHINee is awesome, and I like this song but it still hasn’t amazed me.waaa there I said it *goes into hiding*  Maybe it will grow on me but I must say I love the MV and as always they sound awesome. The  choreographer is awesome I mean just look at the dance, I like it. No but really there is no denying that Shinee is amazing, I think I will listen to their whole album. Am glad they back.



  1. Fortuna says:

    Dunno ’bout you Rosie but I’m liking the hairstyles, except for the one that shaved half his hair off…The song’s title is ‘Lucifer’, which kinda creeps me. Wonder what the lyrics mean…Aside from that, it’s catchy~

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