Oh my god!!!!! new MBLAQ song yayness!!! Personally I like the song much more then the MV. The MV actually reminds me of  “Oh yea”.  and B2st “bad girl”  maybe the lights. ><  I also don’t like what they wearing and thier hair cuts but they look sexy. Even with that hair style. XD I think they needed more of the story instead of the extra dance scenes. I really like the song though and its really addictive. Lee Joon is sexy..RAWR.  Very catchy, the fans will love this never the less.

Pictures Via Lastfm


  1. i live cambodia lovw all mblaq love mblaq joon chongdong mir g.o seung ho

  2. They are awesome!

  3. ThE DaY We FaLLinG LoVE says:

    I LOvE Lee Joon!! {^o^}

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