Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

Miss a

A new girl band with JYP. I really like these girls and the reason why? Its because they so different! I mean I don’t see any 2ne1 or any famous Korean pop group in them and I like that a lot. With most new groups failing to impress me due to the fact that they remind of top girl bands am glad this group does not. Now Miss A does their songs in both Korean and Chinese which is good. I suppose they trying to hit both markets xD

Their are 4 members in the group. Min, Fei, Suzy and Jia. I kinda like them all so far especialy Jia, her pink hair is like woah. I love it!

Join the fb group http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/I-miseueimiss-A/133011680064970?ref=ts



  1. Like ’em~ Wish they’d dress better (and less scantily too).

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