My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox Official Soundtrack

This soundtrack is fabulous. My favourite is the main theme ” Fox Rain” It gives me goosebumps.

01.Lee Seung Gi – Losing My Mind (Dae Woong Theme)

02.Lee Sun Hee – Fox Rain (Main Theme)

03.Lee Seul Bi – The Person I Love (Miho Theme)
04.Kim Gun Mo – Oh La La
05.LYn – Two As One (Love Theme) (With Bonggu of Gilgu Bonggu)
06.Shin Min Ah – Sha La La
07.No Min Woo – Trap (Dongjoo Theme)
08.Park Hong – Look At Me
09.Shin Min Ah – I can Give You All
10.Lee Sun Hee – Fox Rain (Acoustic Version)

Download Link –

These a few other songs that are not provided in the full OST Such Miho’s Ringtone ect If there is any other song I Missed Let me know =)

I love Korean Beef :

Lee Seung Gi – Starting Now, I Love You

Download Link:



  1. is there a song : fox rain instrument version??? can you upload those??? jeongmal gomawo… :)

  2. hey sweetie check this youtube link it should have the download to.

  3. Aminahena says:

    Hello! Do you know the title of the song when Min Sook reminisced her heartbreaking moments and Dae Woong was always there for her? Please help me find that beautiful song. ^____^

  4. No but maybe if you link me to a video and tell me where that song you are looking for starts maybe I can help you ^^

  5. cha angel says:

    I’m so love this drama, so romantic. all the soundtrack is my favourite songs.

  6. Agree the drama was really fun to watch and the soundtrack went so well with it :)

  7. i love this drama very much. i want to download it’s songs but i can’t. how can i do this?

  8. hello! do you know backsound title in ep 16 when cha dae woong in the bathroom ?? please told me :-)

  9. Can you please upload the background music that played when noona appears?

  10. Hello I dont actually know what the song is but I have linked the soundtrack It may be in there.

  11. thank you for your reply. the youtube link that you provided may be the song fox rain. i was not looking for it.what i am looking for is on the 49th minute of 8th episode. and also the instrumental version of trap. i will be very glad if you help me finding this

  12. Please do you know the soundtrack used i it’s like shubi dubi doo ramps its like a ballad I think. I would like to know who sang it or if you have the song

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