NAUL – Memory Of The Wind

One of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a while. Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul debuts as a solo singer after 13 years.  The instruments are of very low tempo whilst his voice is so smooth and strong, almost empowering in some parts of the song. The video is also really artistic and emotional. Showing the love between the father and daughter.

A bit more about the singer:

“Sing song-writer NAUL, was a singer who has made sensitive melodies, beautiful vocal harmony, grove rhythm, lyrics with depth mix together into a meaningful artwork in the bigger frame of R&B. He came back with the first solo album after 13 years.

The biggest feelings you could get from his album [Principle of My Soul] is ‘heeling’. Thinking about the fact the genre he pursues is ‘Soul'; we can see the new album’s concept as ‘heeling of soul’.
The biggest goal of music is to give people comfort and relaxation. Naul’s purpose of this album is to give people comfort that they cannot get from daily routines. He got away from the bald and artificial music of these and let’s out his soul with his music. As a result, he was able to create the heeling soul album that came over space time.”

The actor in this MV is Lee Ki Woo.


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