NU’EST – Face

What is this perfection! *_* I cant get over this song and the prettiness of some of member. Especially Ren. He has to be the prettiest boy I have ever seen in my entire life. They like a mix of Mblaq, Beast and Infinite. Think am in love.

Member profile via

Name : Kim Jong Hyun (김종현)
Stage Name : JR ( Junior Royal )
Birth Date : 8th June 1995
Weight : 58kg
Height : 176cm
Position : Leader Rapper Dancer
Facts : Cameo in Orange Caramel’s Bangkok City MV
Name : Aaron Kwak
Stage Name : Aron
Birth date : 21st May 1993
Weight : 57kg
Height : 175cm
Position : Vocalist
Facts : Born and raised in L.A California
Name : Hwang Min Hyun
Stange Name : Min Hyun
Birth Date : 8th August 1994
Weight : 65kg
Height : 183cm
Position : Main Vocal, Center
Facts : Starred in Orange Caramel’s Shanghai Romance MV
Name : Kang Dong Ho
Stage Name : Baekho | White Tiger
Birth Date : 21st July 1995
Weight : 63kg
Height : 178cm
Position : Main Vocalist
Facts : Starred in After School’s Play Ur Love MV
Name : Choi Min Ki
Stage Name : Ren | Len
Birth Date : 3rd November 1993
Weight : 56kg
Height : 179cm
Position : Maknae , Mood Maker
Facts : Featured and back up dancer of After School Blue’s Wonder Boy with other member




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