Pasta Official Soundtrack

Pasta OST

I really do like  this drama OST. Its sweet and great to listen to.


01. Listening…to that Person – Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

02. I’m Going – M To M

03. Lucky Day – Every Single Day

04. You’re Cute – After School’s Jung

05. Little Lie – Kim Dong He

06. Part Time Lover – Clazziquai

07. The Minstrel Boy

08. Pasta Intro

09. Listening…to that Person (Orch ver.)

10. Listening…to that Person (Piano ver.)

11. 갑니다/I’m Going(Orch ver.)

12. You’re Cute (Orch ver.)

13. Little Lie (Orch ver.)

14. Part Time Lover (Orch ver.)

15. By Chance (Orch ver.)

16. Waltz 4 Minnie (Orch ver.)

My favourite track in this drama is the one that Jung from after school sings. Her voice is beautiful.

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  1. aww! thanks a lot!
    I love this drama! ^o^

    – yes chef <3

  2. ^_^

  3. I’m looking for the song when they left her father’s restaurant in last episode, I guess… Do you know the title of the song?


  4. I think the song your talking about might be Do You Love Me / 러브에이지. Let me know if that helped ^^

  5. Do you know how I find the vocal version? Love that song so much… but unable to find one…

  6. I have been looking for you but no luck :( but when I find it Ill be sure to let you know ^^

  7. Do you know what was playing on episode 15 end scene? I don’t think its on the soundtrack but I’ve been trying to find it.. Sounds like 운명 (Fate) but its not. :s I’d appreciate it if you know! <3

  8. i know which one you are talking about but unfortunately I cannot find it. Sorry >< Only thing I can suggest is to listen to clips of the OST here and see if any of them match to the song you want. Hope that helped. ^^

  9. May i know the song in Pasta korean drama when they are kissing at the traffic lamp in the end of the episode,,,?Tengkkyu so much,,

  10. do you know what episode it is? x

  11. Melissa says:

    Does anyone know the song playing on episode 17, 35:30min into it when sae young meets the reporter in the cafe? Can’t find it! Please help!

  12. nadzskie says:

    @Melissa: immediately fell in love w/ the intro the instant it played on the scene with Sae young and the reporter, so i tried searching using the lyrics and i found it! it’s Love Love Love by Susie Suh :)

  13. excuse me.
    do u know the tittle of a song that was played when yoo kyung have known who cactus is?
    I love that song, but I can’t find it..
    please help me to find it..

  14. Anyone knows which music was playing at the ending of episode 15??

    As for when they were leaving Soo Young’s father’s place in the last episode the song that was playing was A Forest of Time by Every Single Day; and when they were kissing in the last episode ‘destiny’ was being played and when they first kissed in episode 14 the song that was playing was After School’s Youre Cute.

    As for me I am going crazy about the music in episode 15 which I thought was a forest of time’s instrumental version, but I don’t think so anymore :/ . Need Help!

  15. In episode 18 they playa different version of p we’re not alone by rita coolidge..anyone know who sings that version? Love it!

  16. Holaaaa… Disculpe que les molestes por favor puede renovar el enlace para descargar las canciones de pasta los sountrack por favor

  17. linnethin says:

    Does anyone now where can I download the song that starts about 3:00 in this video? I’ve been searching it for a long time but can’t find…

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