Rachel – Chara

Can you believe she is like in her late 40’s or something. This is from her new album Dark Candy. I have never heard of her but I would say she has quite a unique voice. This video is just really cute.

Some more of her bio : One of the things that defines Chara’s music is her singing voice. It is often described as sweet and whispering like a child’s, yet forceful and sincere. Despite her very distinctive singing voice, Chara considers herself a musician first and foremost; proficient with instruments such as the piano, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer and tambourine. There are common themes to a lot of her music, including motherhood, innocence, love, beauty, and cheerfulness. She has appeared as one of the main characters in ‘Swallowtail Butterfly’ movie and sang all the songs. The album ‘Montage’ is actually a vocal collection from this movie, that’s why it was released under the name of Yen Town Band – which is a fictional band from the story. She has also starred in ‘PiCNiC’ where she played the mental patient Coco. She would go on to marry her co-star Asano Tadanobu  in 1995.


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