Rain – Sid

A really nice song that is the new opening to the Anime “Full Metal Alchemist. I really like it! Although I do not like the video I think the song itself is beautiful. I mean who cares when the song is so great!  The band has awesome skill and combined they sound wonderful. I haven’t listened to a visual kai band for some time. There is another Japanese visual Kai band called “Dir En Grey”, they were kind of my introduction to Japanese music and I have liked all their songs in the pass but I have not heard of SID since ive been out of touch with the Visual Kai scene. This song is wonderful and the meaning is also beautiful. I may just be getting back into my Rock. xD

PS: Lovely eye makeup I should try mine like that….

June’s lies   and the truth in front of my eyes   are put away in sepia tones
Nestling close to one another,   warmth;   I don’t understand those things anymore

“You’ll be fine on your own… right?”   you said, forcing it upon me   and then you said goodbye
If it’s going to be that kind of consolation   then I should be tired of hearing it by now

Endlessly ringing;   the merciless memories   seem to have no intention of  forgiving me
If i close my eyes   they will only grow   surrounding me at a distance   you laugh

Will the rain   ever stop, I wonder?   For a pretty long time now   it’s been cold
Why does the rain   choose me?   Why does it choose me   who has nowhere to escape to?

Time intrudes   on the new morning   I finally found
The direction I face   is not the future   I kept chasing after the past

You, who gave me   a new start by your consolations   and the hateful   and cowardly me
It’s about time…   Fumbling,  my troubles spill down   my tired cheeks

Eyes that don’t want to know the past   and fingers that can wash it all away
Scars heal
at a gentle pace;   at an unreachable distance     that seems to be within reach

Will the rain   ever stop, I wonder?   For a pretty long time now   it’s been cold
Why does the rain   choose me?   I wonder if it’s ok to let it cover me

The rain   keeps on falling today as well   knowing no end
While we   quietly   nestle together under the umbrella I hold (Jpop)

Pictures via last.fm


  1. pjslayer says:

    it was very interesting to read.
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  2. Yea sure and yep I have a twitter account

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