New Korean band who are both going to debut in Korea and America. Their producer is Teddy Riley who is quite famous for composing for Michael Jackson, Jay z and Pussycat dolls to name a few.  The group consists of a diverse composition of members from  places like Thailand, China, and Korea and are all fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai.The group is comprised of Semi, Riko, Jui, Dee, Joy, and T-ae; Jui is from Thailand, and Riko is a Korean-Japanese. Will update with their profile once I find more information about each member. To me it seems like there is more then just six members. Their wiki profile says there is also Sarah and Lucy. So am not sure yet..

The song is actually quite good and the video is quite overly sexy in some ways. I can imagine it getting banned. xP They all so pretty but I don’t know how well they will do in America. Will have to listen to the song in English yet.

Find out more about them in the following links.

Rania Members

More info

Also check out this English versions sang by MoA. She does song covers she is amazing.



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