SCREW – Duality

Quite a popular and talented Visual Kei band and I just listened to a few of their songs and watched their PV’s  as I don’t know them so well…Just shows how far behind I am on the Visual Kei scene ..T_T. Thankfully I know these guys now and I am glad because this PV is pretty rocking.

Duality is their latest album and I like the song false dawn from it and Rosary.

Their music is very tame Rock right now but before they were more HardRock with their songs like “Death Door”. So if you like cool bands with husky voices and good looking people, this is your kind of band.

So far  personally like their songs “Kairos”, Raging blood and Ancient Rain.  Recommend me some of your favourite songs if you know them and if not try them. =)


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