SD5 – Shining Diamond

A very catchy song with cute guys. If you like your Kpop their is no doubt you will like this. There are lot of band like this in Cpop it is just that people don’t bother listening to it. Find out more about the band below.

Band Information: Source
Name: Steven灏 (Steven Hao)
Birthday: January 21
Birthplace: Shanghai
Rep Color: Black
Slogan Name: 睿智才子
Education: English (China USTC) Finance (Wuhan University)
Specialty: singing, piano, writing, sports (dedicated Manchester United fan ^_^), English
Favorite artists: Rain, Faye Wong
Favorite actors: Julia Roberts, Thomas Hanks, Nicolas Cage
Favorite band: Cold Play
Favorite Movie: “Notting Hill” “Hachikō Story” “The Shawshank Redemption”

Name: 炎介 (Yan Kai)
Birthday: September 17
Birthplace: Shanghai
Rep Color: Red
Slogan Name: 明朗公子
Education: Shanghai School of Fine Arts (上海师范大学), Academy of Fine Arts (Art Design)
Specialty: painting, basketball
Favorite artists: Lee Hyo Ri

Name: 江南 (Jian Nan)
Birthday: November 27
Birthplace: Henan
Rep Color: Yellow
Slogan Name: 花样校草 (Campus Flower Boy)
Education: Fudan University (Visual Arts)
Specialty: violin, taekwondo, performance, dance
Favorite artists: Wang Lee Hom, BOA, Anne Hathaway

Name: 齐磊 (Qi Lei)
Birthday: July 28
Birthplace: Fuzhou
Rep Color: White
Slogan Name: 内敛型男
Education: Shanghai Theatre Academy (performing)
Specialty: performing, modeling with guitar playing and singing, sports
Favorite artists: Faye Wong, TVXQ, Andy Lau
Previous experiences: drama, film, commercials, print shooting

Name: 原杰 (Yuan Jie)
Birthday: December 20
Birthplace: Henan
Rep Color: Blue
Slogan Name: 浪漫舞者 (Romantic Dancer)
Education: Shanghai Theatre Academy Dance (Classical Dance)
Specialty: Dance
Favorite artists: Rain, Joey Yung, Ayumi Hamasaki, Britney Spears
Previous experiences: Dance Competition



  1. Elizabeth says:

    i’m in
    They have the best songs!!!!!!

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