SDN48 – Eros no Trigger

I am really starting to like these girls. I could not stop listening to their last song Gagaga and I also loved how they were dressed. This song is simply beautiful. I do like bits of the PV, for example the introduction was really good, the part with them together was pretty good but I cringed at some of their individual poses, it seemed like they were trying to hard >_< When they are laying down, they looked amazing and the dance is also really good, am really liking these girls. <3



  1. I think SDN48 is a great J-Pop group and I love their song “Gagaga”.
    “Eros no Trigger” is a cool song with its’ own style and touch.
    Love SDN48, love their songs, love J-pop.

  2. :) Yay well I have just posted their new PV Enjoy

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