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Like many Korean drama’s Secret Garden OST was in many parts. Secret Garden OST was released in four parts. The OST was sold out pretty quickly and its no surprise because the songs are all very good.  When you have some of the best bands singing on the official soundtrack you would expect it to be good. Please go on the link to the blog I have posted below. She usually has all the soundtracks to most drama.

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My favourite tracks are actually all of them. They were all so pretty especially the main theme and Scar sang by Bios. What is your favourite from this drama?  BTW some of the videos may contain a few spoilers…


Soundtrack Part 1

01. That Woman – Baek Ji Young
02. Here I Am – 4Men & Mi
03. Watching – Yoon Sang Hyun

— Soundtrack Part 2 —

04. That Man – Baek Ji Young
05. Appear – Kim Bum Soo
06. I Can’t – Mi

— Soundtrack Part 3 —

07. Reason – 4Men
08. Scar – Bois
09. Here I Am (Piano Ver.)

— Soundtrack Part 4 —

01. You Are My Spring – Sung Si Kyung
02. Appear (Female Ver.) – Yoari
03. You Are My Everything – Jung Ha Yoon

— Soundtrack Part 5 —

01. That Man - Hyun Bin
02. 한 여자- BeBe Mignon
03. Here I Am – Yoon Sang Hyun
04. Main Title
05. Lovely Oscar
06. Guardian Angel
07. Mystery Garden
08. Love Potion
09. My Darling Lime
10. Confusion
11. My Daddy
12. Virgin Love
13. Secret Garden

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  1. Secret garden is the best Korean drama I have seen. It’s so much mature and interesting than ones I have seen. There are many cliches in the dramas. It’s rather pleasent to watch a cliched show that is actually fun to watch. My only regret is that there were only a few episodes. I just hope there are more Korean dramas like this show. Love you, Secret Garden!

  2. please…
    does anyone know the title of the background music played when 1st time they switched their bodies?? (hyun bin with osca n ra im at sauna)
    i really2 like that music…

  3. Is it the orchestra style one? skip to 8:48. If its that one Ill try to look for it for you. ^^

  4. yup…i really2 want to hve it…huhu
    thanx ya

  5. really this drama is the best i ever see and the music is soo wonderfool

  6. I enjoyed it too I make everyone watch it xD

  7. WOW, THIS DRAMA REALLY IS THE BEST!! I cried tons of tears in the last few episodes… This drama really tugged deep into my heart. the story, the actors, the songs.. everything is just THE BEST. I can’t believe this drama has changed my reality… !!!!!

  8. goldenkiss87 says:

    thanks alots to do this page i was dying not finiding the tracks nowhere!!thanks again!

  9. My favorite song is “That Man/Woman” I have had it on repeat all weekend long. I have seen the drama for 4 times already ever since I watched it on Thursday. It’s the first time that I rewatch any kind of drama. I love this story so much, it reminds me of a book. I have only felt this for books.

  10. Does anybody know the title of the song Han Tae Sun sang for joo won, Ra im and Oscar wen they were outside eating

  11. Do you know the name of the song the instrumental where a girl sings ahhhhhhhss like the song that was playing in the last episode while they were lying on the floor together

  12. I have been a fan of kdrama since I watched winter sonata, but this one so far has been the first to get me really teary eyed, I love the music for it as well. I really would love to see one of the characters get what they deserve though, still making my way towards the ending of it.

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