SHINee – Hello

Am really starting to fall in love with SHINee since I was introduced to them about a year ago or so. I saw them on this Korean TV show “Star golden Ball” and I just adored how they were. They are so young and cute. I like this song a lot, its really sweet and adorable. I love how they smiling all the way through even in their live performance they were constantly smiling. Its really nice to listen to a song like this. Like it a lot even the dance.

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  1. you are the best in the wholl world becaues i all way here you songs every day and my room is full of your posters on my woll and i go to danes lisson on your song SHINee[hallo]

  2. merasuke xchie haru says:

    nice one… SHINEE!!

    more power to and god bless you all…

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