Sistar 19 – Ma Boy

This is Sistars first sub group with members Bora and main vocalist Hyorin. This is the first sub-unit from the group since their debut in 2010 with their song, “Push Push.” SISTAR 19 refers to a 19 year old woman who is within the boundaries of a girl and lady. The theme is to show the purity and the uneasy stage during that age. In order to help others feel that, Hyorin and Bora have melted their emotions and love into the song and have created this name.

I am surprised at this. I am not a fan of Sistar at all, I do not think their songs have been so good but I suppose they wanted to go in a different route.  This song is catchy after a bit, very R&B but certain parts of the video would have been better if they were not there like the chair dancing and them strutting by the cars a bit to much but I think that wave part was nice. I hope the other two girls also have a chance to have their own group


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