Sistar – Push Push


Sistar is a new K-pop girl band. This new single is okay I guess. I see where everyone is getting the 2ne1 imitation from but honestly just because they are  4 girls singing does not mean they all sound the same. I dont think this song is anything like any of 2ne1’s music. These girls are sexy,but personally they don’t have that vibe  that 2ne1 has but I think they will do well.



  1. Fortuna says:

    Nothing original, very forgettable song and lyrics. Plus, they are wearing short skirts…Trying to get attention with their looks and stuff. I don’t like ’em so far…=P

  2. LOL! yes the song is not catchy at all. I agree with ya xP

  3. 한승유 says:

    hello….at least they were trained to become singers,
    not like the two of you just comment singers bout their lack.
    not only that, heir song is not bad, they mix sound of Africa in this song.
    so, it is special….

  4. Personally I don’t like this song I have heard their full album and think they could got a better single out. Just think they could have done better, Vocally they don’t sound bad, I just dont like the song. =) I guess its a different opinion ^_^

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