Stars Falling From The Sky- Official sound track

I really really liked this OST. It really matched the drama. I liked all of the songs ^_^ I love Lee Jin Sung Voice its just soo emotionally beautiful. *_*


01. The Stars/Give me the stars (별을 따다줘) – Kara(카라)

02.He(그대니까) (My Love)(내 사랑 너니까) – Lee Jin Sung (먼데이) (Monday Kiz)(키즈 이진성)

03. Perhaps…(아마도… )- Jaycade(제이케이드)
04. Tears of the street(눈물의 거리) – Jun Ha (준하)
05. I Am a Mother – Ji-Hye(지혜)
06. Once Again – Gong Bo Kyeong (공보경)

07. Desire/Hope(희망을)- Pursuit/Seek(찾아서)
08. Miss(그리운)- Family(가족)
09. Stellar/Astral( Astronomy)(별의) -Songs (노래)
10. Love(사랑의)- Wound(상처)
11. False/Lie(거짓된)- Truth(진실)
12. Rainbow(무지개)- Neighborhood(동네)
13. Ride(달려라)- Sin bul ja/loans(신불자)
14. Happiness(행복)- Feeling(예감)
15. Pain(아픔의) -Tears(눈물)
16. I Am a Mother (String Ver.)
17. Warm-Hearted – Lee Dam (이담)
18. The drunken – Yellow String Boys
19. PM Creative/Landscape afternoon(오후풍경) (Pt.2) – Main Street
20. Magic (Feat. I(나현)) – Blue Sorbet
21. Lullaby – Eniac


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