SunnyHill – Princess and Prince Charming

So addictive after a few listens. A bit more information which was under the video. “Showing off a unique characteristic incomparable to any other artist on the K-pop scene with unique planning, concepts, and high-quality music, SunnyHill is back as a 4-member girl group, as the producer of the team Chang Hyun left for military service early this year, changing the color of the team to bring out their upgraded charm.

“Is the White Horse Coming?” is a work co-written by the top hit makers of K-pop — composer Lee Min-Soo and lyricist Kim Ina, making it another fresh shock. Starting out with the question whether there really is a prince/princess on a white horse, “Is the White Horse Coming” speaks out for the members’ view and feelings about a generation that considers the search for their other half as an investment technique, looking only at the worldly specifications they offer rather than their character or personality.


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