Trax – Oh My Goddess

Seohyun is really a goddess, shes beautiful.( Sigh)  Trax used to have four members before, Rose who from what i remmber was very popular and right now his also in the Korean drama My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox and was in Pasta. His a really pretty person >_<  The second band member who left was Attack who played bass in the band but no one really knows what happend to him after he left the band.

The two member that are now left are Typhoon, who was in Romance Zero and X-Mas who is a regular on TV show Oppa Band with Super Junior’s Sung Min. Anyway I must admit I am addicted to this song. I love it! The starting was soo pretty and then the song was like slow and then woah! I cant stop listening to it and I think I just became a Trax fan. <3


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