Triplane – Yuki no Asterisk

I have heard this band on so many animes. The lead singers voice is just really good. I really like how how the video is with him walking different places and the band on the background always playing. A really soothing song.



  1. In a lot of anime? I haven’t heard of them before. But they have a good sound~ Ah~~ Japanese~ ^_^

  2. They have really good tracks , I think ending theme to one Piece

  3. only from one piece and major that i know their songs are used for…
    i love triplane btw.. own all album from em… :)
    their best is probably reversible, their newest album, which has more than half the album being my fave :)

  4. ^_^ They pretty awesome, Ill try to check that album out Thank you =)

  5. i like them.
    because one piece song dear friend is very good.
    i love that song

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